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Custom Myoelectric Orthosis for United States Veterans

The MyoPro® is indicated for use to support a weak arm and for functional improvement. A veteran with limited mobility or long term muscle weakness in the arm due to a
neurological disorder or other condition may be a candidate for the MyoPro
powered arm orthosis. This portable, lightweight, functional arm orthosis is
applicable to a broad range of individuals with muscle weakness and
neuro-muscular damage.

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Veteran Benefits
Rafael, Captain USAF
U.S. Veteran
VA and VA affiliated Orthotic and Prosthetic centers across the U.S. currently fit patients with the MyoPro to support a patient's weak or deformed arm to enable functional activities. The MyoPro is designed for ease of use, enabling patients to don and operate it at home. Clinical benefits include achieving gross motor functional goals as well as limiting comorbidities such as spasticity, edema, weakness and synergistic or compensatory movement patterns.

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