Myoelectric Controlled Upper Extremity Powered Orthosis


The MyoPro® is designed to enable individuals to support a weak or deformed arm. Patients can self-initiate and control movement of a partially paretic limb using their own myoelectric signals. Similar to a myoelectric controlled prosthetic, the orthosis utilizes surface EMG sensing technology. When the user tries to innervate their extremity, sensors in the orthosis detect the weak myoelectric signal, which activates the motor to move the extremity in the desired direction. The user is completely controlling their own extremity; the orthosis assists with movement once a signal is detected. With the orthosis, an individual with a paretic arm can perform functional tasks including feeding, reaching, and lifting.

Clinical Benefit

Orthotic and Prosthetic practices across the U.S. currently fit patients with the MyoPro for functional improvement. The MyoPro is designed for ease of use, enabling patients to don and operate it at home. Clinical benefits may include achieving gross motor functional goals.

Examples of Functional Goals:
  • Feeding - User can hold food down with fork attachment while cutting with non-affected side, improvement in hand to mouth motion
  • Carrying objects (bilaterally or unilaterally) - Laundry basket, purse
  • Safety - User can carry objects in affected side while allowing non-affected side to use their cane throughout task

The PERL Technique

To assist new MyoPro users with training to make the most of their orthosis, Myomo has developed the PERL (Push Eat Reach Lift) Technique, - an evidence-based treatment plan that combines repetitive task practice with functional, task-oriented training.

MyoPro certified clinicians are trained in the PERL program which guides patients through tone management to isolate bicep strengthening, isolated tricep strengthening and finally functional task training. Similar to other forms of therapy, patients progress through bilateral, unilateral, closed chain and open chain activities. Therapists are encouraged to incorporate MyoPro training into a holistic treatment plan and to use their creativity in challenging patients to use the device to address functional goals, safety goals, ADLs etc. MyoPro training can be performed in Bicep mode, Tricep mode or Dual mode depending on the patient's presentation and functional goals. Advancement through the modes depends on the patient's presentation, and when the treating therapist deems it is appropriate.

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