Qualification Process for the Myopro Powered Arm Brace


The MyoPro brace is ordered by physicians and furnished solely by qualified personnel who are certified Orthotics & Prosthetics professionals, trained and qualified by Myomo to evaluate, mold and fit the brace. The first step to getting a custom MyoPro power brace is to ask your physician to refer you for an evaluation by your local Prosthetist or Orthotist. Click Here for an O&P provider near you.

During the evaluation consultation, the certified Orthotist or Prosthetist will:
  • Discuss the MyoPro and provide education regarding aspects of use
  • Ensure the patient is a medically appropriate candidate
  • Discuss insurance benefits, coverage and potential cost
  • Discuss therapy plan of care with MyoPro

Appropriate Candidates include:
  • Long term arm weakness or paralysis due to CVA, TBI, SCI, other CNS impairment
  • Full Passive Range of Motion, Some Active Range of Motion
  • May have mild to moderate flexor tone
  • May have some shoulder subluxation

Disqualifying conditions include:
  • Elbow contracture or acute injury in the arm
  • Shoulder dislocation or subluxation of 3 fingers
  • Severe pain in shoulder or arm
  • Unable to cognitively participate in therapy activity
  • Flexor tone greater than a 3 on the Modified Ashworth Scale

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