"The patient-controlled aspect of the Myomo device is unique and potentially very motivating for stroke patients who must work hard to recover. When a patient can attempt movement, and see that they themselves can make their own arm move, their attention and focus is so great that they have already made a huge leap forward. Directing attention to the affected limb also holds tremendous potential for stroke patients who may suffer from "neglect," a common stroke syndrome where a patient may behave as through one whole side, including his or her body, does not exist."

—Paul Petrone, OT Practice Leader,
Stroke Program Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and co-investigator of the Myomo inpatient pilot stroke study

"The Myomo device provides an opportunity for patients to be able to become more independent. The sophistication of its electronics picks up early muscle movements and allows patients to activate muscles to become more functional faster. From a clinical perspective, it is compact and relatively easy to use, eliminating the costs and complexity associated with traditional equipment."

—Steve R. Williams, M.D., Chief
and Chairman, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Boston Medical Center,Boston, MA

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myomo for Medical Professionals -- How to use the mPower 1000.

The following are PERL exerices videos for the mPower Brace.

mPower PERL Exercise 1 Walking


mPower PERL Exercise 2 Drinking

mPower PERL Exercise 3 One Arm Stand

mPower PERL Exercise 4 Two Arm Stand

mPower PERL Exercise 5 Cane

mPower PERL Exercise 6  Cane Exercise

mPower PERL Exercise 7 Basket

mPower PERL Exercise 8 Light Switch