Is the MyoPro Powered Arm Brace the Right Solution Right For You


Men and women of all ages are regaining use of their arms with the MyoPro. If you are unable to achieve functional goals because of limited mobility or muscle weakness in the arm due to a neurological disorder, you may be a candidate for the MyoPro.

The MyoPro is applicable to individuals with muscle weakness and neuro-muscular damage from conditions ranging from stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy to Spinal Cord Injury, ALS and MS. Since there is no electrical stimulation used by the Myopro, patients with pacemakers can use the device as well. The device is designed to assist users in meeting their functional specific goals and is not appropriate for everyone.

Individuals who are not a candidate for the MyoPro include those with elbow contractures, shoulder dislocation (subluxation is not a contra-indication), severe pain or abrasions, spasticity that prevents manual ranging of the arm into extension, inability to support a one pound weight, and those who cannot follow three step directions and are able to achieve their functional goals without the device.

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